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Medical, nursing and home care services for your family members in Zimbabwe.

Pip Health & Wellness delivers round-the- clock bespoke healthcare services to clients in their own homes and healthcare establishments throughout Zimbabwe. At PiP Healthcare we offer high quality, personalized care services to adults, children and young people with various conditions.

We offer

Assisted living and nursing care

As we bring assisted living and nursing care to clients’ doorstep, or their hospital bed, our overarching aim is to help deliver a level of comfort that surpasses all of your quality and expectations.

Our service is based on working with our clients to provide quality staff who meet client needs. A local, privately owned organization, PiP Health & Wellness possesses a hometown feel clients will seldom find in a larger, less personalized company. We pride ourselves in providing personalized, tailored and custom-made care to meet individual client needs.

How we work

Safety and precision

Safety and precision are who we are at PiP Health and Wellness. We understand that for many people inviting a care provider into their life can be a significant change. It can be a difficult decision which can cause anxiety or worry. At the beginning of a relationship with our clients, we carry out an extensive assessment in order to ensure that the client’s full expectations are not only met, but surpassed, with safety and wellness of client being the primary focus. Our policies, training and employment checks ensure that the staff we provide are safe, sensible and caring. We also realize that client information is confidential and sensitive and take this very seriously – having a system in place that ensures that our legal obligations are met.

PiP Health + Wellness


Home Care

The Zimbabwean tradition is that aging relatives receive care under the watchful and embracing eye of family members. As a people, we take care of our loved ones and are often averse to institutionalized care – however, prevailing circumstances, do not always allow family members to be there in this manner.

At PiP we step in with the mission of providing all levels of home care services in collaboration with other professionals to allow your relatives to remain at home as long as
possible, cared for and watched over according to the original Zimbabwean culture and tradition – we go the extra mile to keep your relatives happy, healthy, and smiling.

Outside-the- home Care

Caring for loved ones sometimes means accepting that they leave home and have to be accommodated in places where they can receive specialized healthcare and services. Sometimes this means that our family members are hospitalized, placed in care residential care or in rehabilitation centres. As PiP Health and Wellness aim to alter jaded perceptions of healthcare as we step in as ‘family’ would in providing support and visitation. From going into institutions to help with the bathing, to going in just to visit and read a book – we go all the way to be your eyes, ears, hands and legs.

We also provide the following services:

  • Medical services (24hr)
  • Online Medical Access (24hr)
  • Nursing service (24hr)
  • Nurse Aid (24hr)
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Household cleaning & maintenance
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